Woman gets her own back on couple who ruined beach day

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A WOMAN has shared the trick she used to get revenge on a couple who broke beach etiquette, but has been slammed for the “petty act”.

Madison Gooch, from the US, was enraged as the couple decided to sit directly in front of her family, blocking their view of the sea, despite the beach apparently being almost empty.


Madison was enraged when the couple sat directly in front of her family despite an apparently empty beachCredit: Tiktok


Madison’s mum used crushed up crisps to attract birds in an attempt to force them to moveCredit: Tiktok

However, her tactic for getting revenge on the pair has divided opinion online.

In a clip shared on TikTok, she shows her mother throwing crushed up crisps behind the couple’s deckchairs in order to attract birds and force them to move.

The plan pays off as they eventually moved to another part of the beach, but some viewers slammed Madison’s tactic as “petty”.

One said: “This is so petty. You could have just asked them to move.”

Another chimed in: “Aww that’s sad .. they weren’t bothering anyone.”

However, others were quick to rush to her defence, claiming that the pair broke “beach etiquette”.

A number of commenters said that they had experienced similar struggles at the beach and sympathised with Madison.

“I will never understand why people choose to sit so close when there is an entire beach!”, one wrote.

Some even said they wished they had discovered the trick themselves in order to ward off obstructive beachgoers.

The video has gained over seven million views and one million likes, while 13,900 comments have been left.

However, Madison hasn’t responded to any of the comments.


Some slammed Madison as ‘petty’ but others rushed to her defenceCredit: Tiktok


The plan worked in the end as the pair relocatedCredit: Tiktok

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