Watch as proposal goes wrong as couple’s toddler DROPS ring into sea

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THIS is the moment that a beachside proposal went horribly wrong when the happy couple’s toddler dropped the ring into the sea.

As fiance-to-be Luke got down on one knee for his partner Stephanie in Hervey Bay, Australia, her two-year-old daughter Harper Jane plucked the jewellery from the ring box in order to pass it to her mum.


Toddler Harper-Jane plucked the ring from its box to give to her mumCredit: Caters


However, she lost her grip on it and it tumbled into the sea

Unfortunately, the tot’s grip was not secure enough and she fumbled the ring, which fell through the gaps in the planks of the wooden jetty that was meant to be the romantic site of the engagement.

It then tumbled into the sea below as dad Luke scrambled to save it.

Posting a clip of the mishap on TikTok, Luke said: “Kids are quick, much quicker than you think – I didn’t actually realise she had grabbed it.”

The footage shows Luke bravely diving in an attempt to save the ring as the couple’s friend can be heard yelling that the water is too shallow to jump into.

The adrenaline-filled hubby has since admitted that he was in mid-air by the time he heard the warner and that he “had to sacrifice the left side of my body and [do a] starfish”.

“I have an earache, a little bit, still”, he adds.

Apparently, his friends had even joked about him dropping the ring and suggested he tie fishing line around it, just in case.

Thankfully, the couple got the precious accessory back, thanks to the clear waters of Hervey Bay.

They say that if it had fallen into the water by the Gold Coast home, it would have been gone for good.

The only thing that was lost was Luke’s earlobe stretcher but that was far preferable to losing the ring.

The pair emphasise that they don’t blame the little girl at all for the drop, saying: “It wasn’t Harpie’s fault.”

Stephanie said that “Luke wanted to essentially ask Harpie too, because Luke is actually Harper’s stepdad”.

“I’m committing to them both so I felt like both of them should be present”, added Luke.

He finished by saying: “It’s just funny. Even if we had lost (the ring), there would have been humour in it – just sadness, too.

“That will go down in the history books for us.”


Brave partner Luke jumped into the water to save the ringCredit: Caters


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