Tourists call cops over ‘dead body’

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TERRIFIED tourists called police after spotting a “dead body” on the beach – but it turned out to be a dumped luxury sex doll worth £500.

Alarmed beachgoers also called emergency services to Bang Saen beach in Thailand on Thursday after seeing what appeared to be a naked woman limp on the sand with a shirt over her head.


Tourists called police after spotting a naked ‘dead body’ wash ashoreCredit: Jam Press


A closer inspection by police fond it to be a luxury sex dollCredit: Jam Press

Paramedics and police officers rushed to the scene and came across the “victim”.

But the corpse turned out to be a hyper-realistic sex doll with its bum on show.

Known as an “AV Idol”, these Japanese models can fetch up to £469.

Photos from the scene show the doll laying with a piece of clothing covering its head.

According to The Thaiger, cops reportedly removed the shirt to reveal the doll’s head was missing.

Police believe the product was dumped in a canal or river, before making its way to the sea.

It has since been removed from the popular beach and is being kept at the local police station in case the owner wants to reclaim it.

It’s not the first time passers-by have mistaken a sex-doll for a dead corpse.

In May, Vikram Dawson stopped driving to have a wee when he came running back to the car in shock after spotting a naked body face-down.

He urged wife Shriya Vikram to call 999 to report someone had been killed and thrown in the bushes near St Neot, Cornwall.

Teaching assistant Shriya, 33, also went to have a peek of the bare leg sticking out the shrubbery herself before darting back to safety.

She said: “My husband came back from watering the plants and I had never seen him so pale or scared. I couldn’t believe what he was saying.

“He got us all in the car and locked all the doors before telling the police what he saw.

“Vikram really believed someone had been murdered and their body had been dumped in the woods.

“He had seen someone lying motionless, naked and face-down in a bush.

“The officer on the end of the phone was taking it very seriously. We were told to stay there to give a witness statement.”

As the family waited, a “very suspicious” bald man with neck tattoos slowly drove past before returning again 15 minutes later.

It caused petrified project manager Vikram, 36,  to speed away in his Skoda.

But paramedics called asking whether there was any blood – before attending police demanded to know where the family had fled to.

They returned to two cop cars and three officers cordoning off the crime scene.

Shriya said: “The area was all taped off. It all seemed so real like in the films.

“Then they went to pick the body up and felt it was a bit light. It turned out to be a pale rubber sex doll. I think I saw breasts.

“It must have been someone playing a prank with a naked mannequin or discarding it as it was no longer wanted.

“Police even had a body bag ready and used it to take it away. They were brilliant to be fair and that was the decent and proper thing to do to protect its modesty.

“They actually said you’d be surprised how often this happens but this one did look very real.”


Thai police have decided to hold onto the sex doll in case the owner wants to retrieve itCredit: Jam Press


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