Teen has ‘legs ripped’ by 16ft great white shark before pal carries him ONE MILE

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A TEEN was mauled by a 16ft great white shark which ripped chunks out of his legs before his desperate pal carried him one mile to safety.

Luke Pascoe, 17, had been spearfishing off Goode Beach near Albany, Western Australia, on Monday when found himself stuck between the jaws of death.


Luke Pascoe had been spearfishing in Western Australia when he was mauled by a great white


The teen was hauled to safety by his brave pal Conner Shirley after the attack on MondayCredit: Getty

He had harpooned a fish while diving in 10m deep water and was triumphantly heading to the surface when disaster struck.

The bloody aftermath of his kill attracted the attention of a great white that had been lurking in the depths, before it quickly made a beeline for Luke.

In the hopes of swiping the teen’s catch, the underwater beast tried to chomp down on the fish – but ended up biting his leg instead.

As a terrified Luke bled out into the water from his several wounds, his quick-thinking friend sprang into action.

Luke said he “owes his life” to his pal Conner Shirley, who created a makeshift tourniquet from his dive belt to stem the bleeding.

The savvy spearfisher used his knowledge of first aid to help Luke, before hauling him on his back and carrying him for a mile over the rocky terrain.

Conner said the teen’s leg then started to bleed significantly when he dragged him out of the water.

Luke told ABC: “Conner was the one that helped me up onto the rock and he piggybacked me 2km along the rocks back to the car and drove me to hospital.

“I owe my life to him. I was lying in bed last night and I was thinking to myself how lucky I am to still be here.”

Among his injuries, Luke sustained three deep lacerations to his lower legs.

The 17-year-old is still recovering at the Albany Health Campus, admitting he was “a bit sore” but in good spirits,

He said he had barely felt the ferocity of the shark bite during the incident as he went into shock.

But despite his harrowing underwater run-in with a great white, Luke insisted the accident was “more my fault than the shark’s.”

The keen spearfisher has refused to let it stop him from entering the water and plans to dive back in as soon as he is fit enough.

Nine non-fatal shark attacks have occurred in Australia since the start of the year.

As of August 9, there have been 57 reported attacks across the globe in 2022, according to Tracking Sharks.

Experts have warned the number of attacks will rise thanks to environmental initiatives to protect seals – a key part of a shark’s diet.

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