My husband was cut in half in forklift accident

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A WOMAN whose husband had his body sliced in half in a horror forklift crash has slammed cruel trolls accusing her of exploiting him for money.

Loren Schauers was just 18 when he veered off a bridge on a building site and plunged 50ft.


Loren Schauers was crushed by a forklift in a horror accidentCredit: SWNS


He married his girlfriend Sabia last yearCredit: SWNS

The labourer was left pinned to the ground under the four-ton vehicle following the accident in September 2019.

Loren’s right arm was severed and everything from his pelvis down was completely crushed.

His girlfriend Sabia Reiche, then 19, said goodbye to him six times as docs warned he would not make it.

His family was asked to make the agonising decision on whether to let surgeons cut him in half.

Three years on, Loren and Sabia – who married last year – have become a hit on social media as they share updates with fans.

But despite Sabia, 23, supporting Loren, 20, throughout his recovery, sick trolls have accused her of using her husband for money and views.

Sabia has hit back at the hateful comments and has insisted it is Loren who enjoys having a strong online presence.

She wrote on her Instagram story: “I think it’s so funny when I see people on the internet make posts about me saying I’m exploiting loren on YouTube blah blah blah and I’m using him for money and views when he’s the one who wants/ chose to do YouTube and I am the one who doesn’t really wanna be in the public eye.”

The couple recently moved into a house in Montana, US, together.

It comes after Loren was targeted by conspiracy theorists who accused him of using the couple’s GoFundMe page of being a scam.

He said: “I’ve seen a couple of comments that have said like this is a pretty elaborate scam.

Sabia revealed that an entire social media thread had been created in an attempt to debunk the couple as frauds.

She said: “There are people out there that think we’re using CGI to make Loren’s limbs disappear and that it’s all one big scam.

“When we first kind of went viral there was like a subreddit page that was all about how this is a scam and we’re lying about it and we’re doing editing to make his body disappear and those are just like crazy.

“The conspiracies some people come up with but like obviously we just laughed at it and ignored it because we’re not going to let that get to us but like it’s just crazy.”


In order to silence the trolls, Loren even hoisted himself up so he was hanging by one hand during the live stream to reveal the bottom of his torso.

After the accident, a drastic hemicorperectomy op – amputating everything below the waist – was the only way to save his life but his mum and sister did not know if Loren would rather die.

She said doctors agreed to wake Loren, and he was immediately aware something terrible had happened.

Surgeons then asked if he wanted the amputation, warning: “You’ll lose the lower half of your body or you may die in surgery”.

Sabia said: “From that moment I knew he wasn’t going anywhere.

“He looked them dead in the eye and told them he didn’t care if he was just a head on a plate, they’re going to do the surgery and they’re going to keep him alive.

“That really brought a lot of hope for us, that he was a fighter, but we already knew that because he was still alive.”

Loren said later: “It wasn’t a hard choice to have half of my body amputated — it was basically a choice of living or dying.”


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