My hiker daughter sent me a chilling final text before falling to her death

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A WOMAN who plunged to her death climbing a mountain trail sent a haunting message to her mum just moments before the deadly drop.

Rebecca Aretini, 28, tragically tumbled down the Apuan Alps above the Monte Macina valley in Italy in front of her horrified boyfriend.


Rebecca Aretini, 28, plunged to her death on Monday during a hike with her boyfriend


The experienced outdoorswoman had text her mum just moments before tragedy struck

She had been enjoying a hike with him along the mountain range on Monday when she plummeted to her death.

The 28-year-old fell hundreds of metres and sadly died at the scene.

Emergency services struggled to navigate the terrain and reach her body despite arriving quickly after the incident.

Low cloud cover also hindered the rescue operation as a helicopter struggled to manoeuvre through the tough weather conditions.

Rebecca, who lived in the village Mercatale, in Tuscany, was an avid hiker and climber. It is unclear what caused her fatal fall.

In a cruel twist of fate, she had boasted about the epic views she was witnessing from the hefty height shortly before the incident.

The experienced outdoorswoman sent pictures of the stunning landscape to her mother, Elisabetta.

The devastated mum said she is still tormented by the text exchange she shared with her daughter, without knowing it was some of her final moments.

Elisabetta sobbed: “She had recently returned from an excursion with her boyfriend from the Aosta Valley.

“The trip up the Apuan Alps was the last one they had to do.

“She had sent me a photo of the mountains and said ‘Mom, if you could see how beautiful it is from up here’.

“I pray so much that she didn’t suffer. It still doesn’t seem real to me.”

An investigation into her death is currently underway.

Rebecca regularly quoted English poet William Blake’s renowned proverb: “Great things are done when men and mountains meet.”

It comes just weeks after a Brit teacher plunged 100ft to her death after taking the wrong path on a hike with her partner.

Louise Atkinson, 55, had been exploring the Italian Dolomites before slipping and suffering fatal injuries on July 24.


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